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1. What do I need to know before downloading a product?
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What do I need to know before downloading a product?
Using one or more of the following products can interfere with the download of your purchased product. It may be necessary to deactivate the relevant product for the duration of the download.

  • Firewall products
    A firewall monitors the data traffic passing through the firewall to protect the network behind it from unauthorized access. This means that a firewall can also prevent downloads from unauthorized websites.
  • Antivirus products
    This software searches for, blocks, and removes computer viruses, worms and other unknown and possibly malicious programs. An antivirus product can therefore also block a download.
  • Download monitoring products
    This is special software that monitors downloads of any kind. These products can also interfere with or stop a download.
  • Screen savers
    In some cases, screen savers can interfere with downloads. We recommend that you switch off your screen saver while downloading your product.

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