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1. What do I need to know before downloading a product?
2. How do I download a product?
3. What is the "Extended Download Service"?
4. The license key does not work. What can I do?
5. I finished downloading a product. Where can I find it?
6. Is the product installed while it is being downloaded?
7. I don't have a download link. Can I still download the product?
What is the "Extended Download Service"?
For a fee, we offer an "Extended Download Service" for products you can download after purchase. "Extended Download Service" means that after the period in which the download is provided free of charge, you can re-download the electronic version of the product as often as you wish. Details about the price and validity period for this download link are displayed to you during the order process.

After completing your purchase, you will find this download link in the password-protected "My Account" area in the Customer Care Center under "Details" for the applicable order.

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